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All-New Book for Men!

What Women Won't Tell Men - Dutch

Hello Tarzan eBook Series now available in English!

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Book One
Hello Tarzan - Book 1

How to Understand Your Man
Book TwoHello Tarzan - Book 2

Man Brain/Woman Brain
Book ThreeHello Tarzan - Book 3

Relationship Games
Book FourHello Tarzan - Book 4

A Happy Relationship is like a Dance
Book FiveHello Tarzan - Book 5

My Man, My Hero

Get All 5 eBooks!
"Hello Tarzan" Complete five-eBook series
for just $29.97
(until June 23rd!)


Hello Tarzan - German
Hello Tarzan - Italian


Do you ever wish there was a roadmap to this whole "relationship jungle"?

Then the Power Connectionsョ eBook Series, Hello Tarzan is for you!

Discover how to:

  • Deepen your connection with your man
  • Take your marriage to the next level
  • Find Mr. Right and make it last
  • Motivate your boss and advance your career
  • Communicate effectively with all the men in your life
  • Build a better relationship with your son
  • Strengthen your relationship with your Dad
  • Turn dating into mate-ing (or a date into a life-mate)

In their exciting eBook series, Hello Tarzan!, authors Gigi Sage with Birgit Engel show us the secrets and proven coaching skills and dating tips that will help you break the communication barrier and enjoy a more satisfying relationship with all the men in your life.

Rekindle an old romance or start a new one off right. Bridge the generation gap and build a more meaningful relationship with your son. Connect with your boss and enjoy the career advancement you've been seeking. Mother or daughter, wife or girlfriend... it doesn't matter what kind of relationship you have - the Power Connectionsョ skills can make it better!

In this amazing collection, you'll learn:

  • The 7 Power Connectionsョ skills that will transform your guy into the man of your dreams!
  • The dangerous effects that doubt can have on a relationship.
  • Why your relationships with women have a direct effect on your relationships with men.
  • Dating and relationship tips you won稚 find anywhere else!
  • How your thoughts determine your man's behavior.
  • How to motivate your man without ever saying a word!
  • Why observation is a key component to a solid relationship.
  • How to make sure your man always finds you interesting!
  • The real truth about commitment.


YES! I want to build lasting relationships with all the men in my life! Please send me the entire Power Connectionsョ eBook series, Hello Tarzan! for just $29.97 (until June 23rd!) or I can order just the selections I want for $12.97 each!

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Coach your man into a new and improved partner!

Do you feel lost in your relationship? You're not alone. Many women find themselves wandering aimlessly in the relationship jungle with no easy way out. Dating and relationships can be frustrating and confusing, leaving us wondering what we're doing wrong. We want to do the right thing - we're just not sure what "that" is. It's no wonder then, that we sometimes feel invisible and unappreciated - our man just doesn't seem to understand us at all!

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In Hello Tarzan!, Gigi Sage with Birgit Engel take us inside the mind of your man and show you the tips and secrets to motivating him in a positive and loving way. These easy-to-master coaching skills are essential to building a solid and lasting relationship that leaves you feeling loved and lavished!

Do the Power Connectionsョ Skills really work?

Hello Tarzan! has already become a relationship sensation in other countries around the world! Published in Germany and Italy, Hello Tarzan! has gained a five-star rating on Just look at what some of the readers had to say:

Read this book again and again! 5 Stars!
I highly recommend this book. With Gigi's advice, you learn to work intensely on yourself, but it is worth it - it really works! I am amazed and will attend a Power Connectionsョ course for the questions that still remain. It really is easier to understand men than I thought!

Relieving! 5 Stars!
I can only say - it's amazing what you can achieve with Power Connectionsョ. I read the book last night and today, I have already applied the Coaching Skills. I am confident of being able to improve my relationship with all the men in my life! Women - buy this book if you want some relief and to finally have peace in the whole relationship drama!

Would you rather be right OR happy? 5 Stars!
Gigi Sage with Birgit Engel describe very clearly what goes wrong in a relationship and what we can do to make a relationship work. The book describes seven communication skills and the relationship games both women and men play.

Sensational! 5 Stars!
This book changed my life! Birgit Engel writes with a sense of humor and in an entertaining way about how you can better understand men, using the work of Gigi Sage. After reading this book you will live with men with more ease and pleasure.

I have given this book many times as a gift and I recommend it very often (and will continue to do so!). Every woman who reads this book will find a part of herself in it.

Very useful for your daily contact with men! 5 Stars!
Every woman must read this book! You'll learn seven valuable skills on how to successfully deal with men. These skills are easy to understand and the book gives good advice on how to use them. Practical, useful and humorous!


YES! I want to build lasting relationships with all the men in my life! Please send me the entire Power Connectionsョ eBook series, Hello Tarzan! for just $29.97 (until June 23rd!) or I can order just the selections I want for $12.97 each!

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Break the communication barrier and build a lasting and healthy relationship with Power Connectionsョ Coaching Skills.

This amazing five-eBook series is the key to building successful relationships in every area of your life. With an open-mind and a little practice, you can become the relationship coach your man has always wanted but never knew he needed. Use the training exercises to develop your coaching skills. Read other women's personal experiences and apply their knowledge to your own game plan.

Take these skills to heart, and build the lasting and loving relationship you've always dreamed of having!

Here's what you'll get:

"The man you are kissing right now could soon become your Prince Charming."

In Book One: "How to Understand Your Man", you will:

  • Become a coach! Learn how thousands of women have created successful partnerships by taking their relationships into their own hands with seven simple coaching skills.
  • Try something new! Discover the first two of seven life-changing coaching skills that will absolutely transform your relationship: Observation and Curiosity.
  • Coach yourself! Learn how taking care of yourself first will bring you more fulfillment and a happier relationship (and life!) than ever before!
  • Connect with women! Yes, women. Discover how your connections with the women in your life can actually strengthen your connections with men!
  • Laugh and learn! Read true stories from other women's quests to improve their relationships and laugh and learn as you read about their blunders and how they turned these around to create powerful relationships (using the very same coaching skills you'll learn here!).


"Understand your differences, not just with your head but with your heart."

In Book Two: "Man Brain/Woman Brain", you will:

  • Create your perfect relationship! There are countless ways to set-up your relationship, but only one that is perfect for you! Find the relationship model that brings you and your man the most fulfillment!
  • Read translations from man-language! Do you sometimes feel like men speak a different language? Read the male and female versions of essentially the same thoughts and gain powerful insights as you come to accept the natural differences between the sexes.
  • Discover why and how men are so different from women! And how we're the same! Genetics, hormones and even our environments and upbringing determine these differences. And with understanding comes acceptance!
  • Work with your differences! You know they're different but what are they thinking? Learn how the male-brain works and how you can work with its instincts and wiring, rather than against it to create a deep and lasting
  • Laugh and learn! Read many more funny and enlightening stories that will teach you powerful lessons and keep you laughing while you learn!


"Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a relationship with you? Get an accurate reflection of how you come across."

In Book Three: "Relationship Games", you will:

  • Expand your skills repertoire! Learn how to use the skills of Acceptance and Acknowledgement to take your relationship to the next level!
  • Play some games! Or rather, learn about the "relationship games" ALL women (yes, even you!) play and why they don't work.
  • Turn your best "games" into skills! Learn how to turn your "games" around and use these well-developed talents as skills that will positively impact your relationships with men!

  • Go into service! No, we're not telling you to be their servant! Learn how having the spirit of service with your man (and everyone in your life) is actually less work than resisting them and will bring you ten times the pleasure with half the effort!
  • Laugh and learn! Read more stories and enjoy hilarious illustrations of the "relationship games!" You will laugh to see a little of yourself in these pictures, and gain a different perspective into the "games" you play (whether you've ever noticed or not)!


"A happy relationship is like a dance: It's a steady give-and-take. Start giving. When he feels you doing this, he'll learn to match your steps."

In Book Four: "A Happy Relationship Is Like A Dance", you will:

  • Become a Man-Whisperer! Learn how to use "man-lingo" to better communicate with men!
  • Stop controlling, start motivating! Turn your unproductive patterns into the fuel that will make your relationships skyrocket to the next level!
  • Get what you want! Experience how letting a man do things his way can actually help you to get your way!
  • Expand your connections with women! Discover how further strengthening these important relationships will improve your relationship even more!
  • Laugh and learn! More illustrations, more stories, more laughter and more learning will keep you entertained and wanting more!


"When you look closer, you'll see every successful man has a woman who believes in him."

In Book Five: "My Man, My Hero", you will:

  • Complete your skills-repertoire! Learn the final three coaching skills (Encouragement, Receptivity and Yielding) and put them into practice!
  • Make a commitment to your happiness! Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be rich?
  • Learn his games too! You're not the only one who plays games! Read about the three main games that men play, and how to work with and around these (without giving in completely!) so that you maintain a balanced relationship and connection.

  • Reinvent your relationship! Every month, everyday, whenever you want to! Keep the fire alive by learning to make your relationship completely new, anytime!
  • Laugh and learn! Read more stories and come back to your favorites again and again for the lessons they've taught you or just for laughs!


YES! I want to build lasting relationships with all the men in my life! Please send me the entire Power Connectionsョ eBook series, Hello Tarzan! for just $29.97 (until June 23rd!) or I can order just the selections I want for $12.97 each!

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Successful author and relationship expert Gigi Sage takes the drama out of the relationship and puts you in the driver's seat!

An international business coach and entrepreneur, Gigi Sage has worked to develop Power Connectionsョ, a revolutionary training program for women designed to encourage productive partnerships in high-performance environments.

Clients who work with Gigi mention her straightforward, yet lighthearted directness and particularly her ability to see quickly and accurately into the most complex situations. Business leaders often use the analogy of her being like the "radar" while they "fly the plane". She has developed many unique ways of bringing out the best in people, encouraging them to produce outstanding results while maintaining their sense of humor.

Using over 20 years of personal and practical experience, Gigi Sage has fine-tuned the Power Connectionsョ program to help women get the most from their careers, their relationships and their lives.

And the results have been astounding! By teaching women to identify common relationship games and the inherent differences between men and women, Gigi has enabled her clients to completely revamp their communication and interactive skills. This simple transformation has led to stronger relationships, improved self-esteem and a collective confidence and drive to achieve even the highest of goals!

Gigi applied this same philosophy in Hello Tarzan!, the five-eBook series created exclusively for women who want to get more from the men in their lives. In this incredible collection of eBooks, you'll discover the key to inspiring and motivating your partner into a real-life Prince Charming! As Gigi puts it:

"To really support him, I had to stop being overly critical and start acting as a coach would: inspired and professional. My profession was coaching, so I asked myself a question I usually reserved for my clients:

What result do you want?

The answer was clear: I want trust, pleasure, integrity, family, fun, money and power in my connection.

You can have this connection too!

Stop complaining about your relationships with men and do something about it! Order your copy of the Power Connectionsョ eBook series, Hello Tarzan! today! Get the entire five eBook series for just $47.97 or pick and choose the selections you want for just $12.97 each.

It will be the best investment you've ever made!


YES! I want to build lasting relationships with all the men in my life! Please send me the entire Power Connectionsョ eBook series, Hello Tarzan! for just $29.97 (until June 23rd!) or I can order just the selections I want for $12.97 each!

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